Friday, June 11, 2010

Berry Baskets!!!

Leslie is a genius again!  She found plain, unfinished Berry Baskets for 25 cents each!
So, the doll that she is bought me one too!
Leslie spray painted her basket black with a red handle.
I did the opposite with red spray paint and a black handle.
We also used some faux ticking material {we tore 3 strips to get the frayed look}.  I found the numbers for about 20 cents each at a closeout hardware store.   The key is from HobLob!
Leslie will have her basket in her kitchen with cute napkins in it.
Right now my basket is in my kitchen also.
We have plans on making more stuff to fill it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. coming from jenns these! so adorable!

  2. Really cute baskets! I love how you snazed them up!! I bet they both look really nice in both of your kitchen's!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. So simple-so cute! Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello.
    -Mama E

  4. Those baskets could not be any cuter. I just love them. Thanks for linking them up!


  5. These are so great! Aren't berry baskets one of those things that you KNOW could be made into something amazing? I just love them. But I've never crossed the thresh hold of actually making something amazing. But you have. Cyber high 5 to you!!

  6. Those are adorable! There are a couple of things I love on these, one is numbers and the second is ticking... really too cute! Theresa

  7. Love, love... those baskets. You and Leslie made them look so cute with the added embellishments.

  8. those are soooooo super cute! love what you did with them!

  9. Jenny, I would sooooo pay you to come up with stuff like that for my new house!! I so can not create things like you do. Take photos, yes. Scrapbook, yes. But create things like this from ordinary items??? It's just not in my brain. Seriously!! How much would you charge to come help me create even just a couple of things before my brother arrives in July?? ;-)