Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leslie and I have been busy!!

I guess when you are busy, you stay out of trouble! :)
We made these bushel basket for us to have.
This one is Leslie's {she picked four because there are 4 people in her family}
This one is mine. {6 because of 6 people in my family}
I put the summer reading books that I want to read in it!
These are the items that we have for sale at the flea market...
Little July 4th stitches...
A Welcome Stitch with a fun flower on it!
These bushel baskets were just fun!!
Clipboard Frames...
A hanging pillow
Perfect mirror for a little one's bedroom!
Have a fun weekend!


  1. LOVE that little mirror. Beautiful!!

  2. Oh, those baskets again! How completely darling. And the black and red are so awesome. Obviously I need to eat me some berries so I can get to decorating promptly! So cute!